Monday, August 23, 2010

Xtext 1.0.1 (SR1) release and git migration on Wednesday

In the last two months Xtext got a great number of performance and memory footprint improvements, bug fixes and extensive documentation enhancements (most of them done by Sebastian while us others were on summer vacation :-)). We also fixed a couple of annoying bugs in Xpand's editor.

You can find a detailed list of all 89 fixes in this bugzilla query.

The upcoming Xtext 1.0.1 (Helios SR1) release will be built on Wednesday.

Migration to git
We are also happy to announce that this will be our last CVS based release, since we will switch to git on the very same day. I also want to thank Ralf Ebert for his excellent git training he gave us last week in exchange to an Xtext training. Git is cool! :-)


  1. git has a very steep learning curve, but therefore its very powerful. What's your motivation to switch, was the CVS repo getting slow?

    Are you using it separately or do you have some kind of eclipse integration like egit?

  2. Yes, CVS turned out to be far too slow (synchronization). I guess most of us will use the command line and try EGit from time to time.