Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Become an Xtext consultant!

I'm in a very lucky position because I am able to work on cool frameworks and help people make good use of them. Being an Xtext consultant is a lot of fun, because you can prototype impressive stuff with just a few lines of code and its open architecture allows for solving almost every problem easily. We are involved with many interesting projects from all kinds of industries and our clients are always very satisfied and treat us with great appreciation. As part of itemis I have access to a great network of experienced software developers, which help each others and share existing solutions.
So all in all it's the combination of nice customers, helpful colleagues and cool technology which makes us love our job so much. But there's a tiny problem ...

We have more customers with interesting projects than we can deal with.

That's why itemis is looking for language and IDE experts experienced in Xtext specifically.

Being an Xtext consultant

As an Xtext consultant you should be able to really counsel our customers (and you should know that that's not the same as just building everything they are asking for). We want to deliver simple yet powerful and sustainable solutions. You need to be an experienced software developer with a good feel for API and language design. You should speak english and german (at least understand german), be empathic and a good listener. You should know that not every problem is a technological problem or needs to be solved with technology. It's important that you understand that Xtext is just a tool (and that there are other possibilities, which might be more appropriate at times).

Finally you should like meeting new people in interesting places throughout the world. And of course having fun always helps.

Job Description

During the first couple of months you will work in Kiel, where Xtext and Xtend are being developed. You will help the team with solving bugs, adding new features and also already do some work for customers. After a couple of months when you feel confident in your new position and are well connected within itemis you can work from any branch (we have several throughout Germany, one in Switzerland and two in France). You could of course also stay in Kiel (surf-city!) if you like it there.

itemis Kiel office
Consulting jobs will be throughout the world (we even have customers in Hawaii, which is almost as nice as Kiel) but there are also many possibilities near our branches. So traveling is not necessarily too extensive if you don't want to.

If you are interested or have further questions, just send me a mail.