Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Leaving Java alone...

Elliotte Rusty Harold wants us to leave Java as it is.

Allthough he is right with some of his arguments, I'm convinced that Java needs to evolve as the industry evolves. Otherwise *everybody* will leave Java alone...
I mean if Java stays as it is, everybody will switch to different language some day.
On the other hand, if we constantly add new features to Java, we can gain some experience with them before switching to or developing a new language :-).

Seriously, a property feature would be a major improvement, because it will remove thousands of lines of boiler plate code (default getter and setter).
This will make code much more readable!
I think the main thing about the property feature is, that default getters and setters should be implicit.
In addition I like

this.test = myprop.prop1.prop2;

much more than


Let's brake old code and add a clean property concept to Java!
... and closures ... and extensions ... and an object creation syntax