Sunday, August 12, 2007

Xtext 2.0

I'm currently working on the next version of Xtext. And I'm very excited about it :-)
It will provide all kind of things you know from JDT's Java editor such as real code completion (not the pseudo / typed-once stuff), rename refactoring, find references, go to declaration, type hierarchy, code folding outline view, auto formatting, toggle comment, etc..

I want to thank Stefan Ocke who gave me the needed hint on how to get code completion work (actually he implemented it based on the old version - I just rewrote and extended it).
Yesterday my brother Lars (yes, he is a software developer, too) convinced me that defining cross-references on grammar level is a good idea. So I've added support for it.
Finally DSL editors won't do the parsing and analyzation "on save" anymore but do it in a background thread. So you will get feedback while typing and you don't have to wait for that process on save.
The first draft of Xtext 2.0 will make it in the upcoming oAW release train (called 4.2).
I hope it will provide all of the mentioned features (I'm not finished yet but Itemis (btw. MANY THANKS!!!) support me, so I can take the time needed without being afraid of loosing my house ;-))

I will create a screencast showing Xtext 2.0 in action, soon!