Friday, May 16, 2008

Current Development at itemis Kiel

Just to give you a short update.
We've been working on a complete rework of Xtext for the last two weeks. While Jan and me have been developing the grammar language and witten the code generator, Peter and Dennis started to develop Xtext's new IDE framework.

Started with the new grammar language written in the new grammar language, we are now able to generate the parser, meta model and some other cool stuff from that description. Actually it took us some time to understand and manage the whole bootstrapping process. It 's never been so easy to shoot yourself in the foot... :-)

Currently we're working on a generic serialization mechanism. With this, one can modify instantiated models and write them back without loosing original layout information or comments.

Hopefully it won't be long until we can start reimplementing Xpand using the new framework (we yet have to add syntactic and semantic predicates to the grammar language in order to describe Xpand).

The current state can be checked out from eclipse's cvs :
Milestone planning can be found here :
Feedback or feature requests are of course welcome. Please use the developer mailing list for that :