Monday, September 01, 2008

Ed Merks now working for itemis

Last Friday, Ed Merks (Eclipse Modeling PMC Lead, EMF Lead, Board Member... you know him) has officially announced that he's now working for itemis AG.
I'm especially happy with this because when I first heard that Ed has quitted IBM, I was a bit worried whether he would be able to do the great job he's doing at Eclipse in the future.

I'm pretty sure that this was a good step, not only for itemis and Ed but also for Eclipse and Eclipse Modeling, since this ensures that Ed can follow up on helping Eclipse Modeling becoming the most open, flexible and powerful DSL toolkit.

Why? Because the business model of itemis is not to develop another commercial product on top of Eclipse but to help people using the open-source technology at Eclipse directly (we're doing consulting, trainings, support, etc. then).

And we don't want to do consulting which could be eliminated by better tools and better documentation. We think that DSLs and generators/interpreters will and should become mainstream. Therefore we need to lower the barriers and make the tools and languages as good as possible. We want to make software development better. AFAIK this doesn't conflict with Ed's goals :-)