Friday, June 05, 2009

Xtext : From oAW to TMF

Only two weeks until the release of Xtext 0.7.0 (simultaneous with Galileo). If you've been using the Xtext version previously shipped with openArchitectureWare (oAW Xtext) you might wonder what has changed and how to migrate to the new version from TMF.

We now have a migration document describing the most important decisions, changes, and the motivation behind them. We hope it will not only help oAW Xtext users to get their projects migrated but also provide them a good start for learning about the new ideas and concepts. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

We are confident that migrating to TMF Xtext is a good idea and pays off soon. Your DSLs will not only run on faster and better code (we e.g. have lots of unit tests), but you'll automatically benefit from cool new features like serialization, pretty printing, template proposals, and semantic highlighting (just to name a few).

Also we, the committers, love the project and are keen on helping you in the newsgroup :-).
Note, that itemis offers migration services and trainings, just in case you're busy or don't want to do it yourself. Just drop me a note in that case.