Friday, July 17, 2009

Xtext 0.7.1 available

We've just published a bugfix update to the Galileo release. Actually it is not only an update of Xtext but also of MWE and Xpand. All three projects are now shipped in version 0.7.1.

The update contains a lot of nice bugfixes (see Sebastian's blog for details). Getting it should be pretty easy for everyone this time. It's all available from our update site at itemis :

Moritz made it a P2 composite site pointing to the corresponding update sites at Eclipse as well as to the highly recommended Antlr generator fragment. So it is just a matter of pressing 'update' if you already had Xtext installed and had added the updatesite above. If you want to install Xtext for the first time, just add the update site above and install the Xtext SDK. This will install everything you need (including MWE UI and the like, which was previously not automatically added). Have fun!

Thank you Moritz, Dennis and Sebastian. It works great! :-)