Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Xtext Webinar is online

Yesterday's webinar on Xtext 1.0 (to be released June 23) was recorded and can be watched at Eclipse Live :

I think it went very well, at least Jan and me had a lot of fun talking about our beloved framework. :-)

We had quite a good number of attendees:
  • 199 registered
  • 153 attended live
And the poll showed that there were as many Xtext users as there were people who are new to Xtext. So that the focus of giving an overview of the framework and how it works but also demo the new features seemed to have been appropriate.
Are you using Xtext?
35% (31) – Yes, I use it frequently
14% (12) – Yes, I use it sometimes
47% (40) – No, but I'm interested in using it
2% (2) – No, I don’t have plans to use it
We hope the webinar was and is helpful for you. Thank you!