Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will talk about Xtext in Antwerp and Stockholm soon.

I have the pleasure to present Xtext in two of the most beautiful european cities within the next two weeks.

Belgian Eclipse Community Meeting (Antwerp)

I'll be in Antwerp next Tuesday and meet up with Belgian's Eclipse Community.
The event is free of charge and the details can be found here. There's also a presentation of EGit, which I'm looking forward to see (I'll have lots of questions :-)).

"Developing Domain-Specific Languages with Xtext" (Stockholm)

A week later on Thursday, the 9th, I'll be in Stockholm. The event is sponsored by Jayway and there will be two presentations. First I'll talk about Xtext and afterwards Patrik Nordwall and Andreas Källberg will present Sculptor, which is an open-source framework/code generator based on textual DSLs implemented in Xtext.

The event is also free of charge. Register here.