Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Xtend Screencast Part 1 - Basics

Only three weeks till EclipseCon!
I can't tell how excited I am. Sebastian and I are going to Los Angeles in just two weeks in order to travel up the Highway 1 to EclipseCon for one week. I know the weather will be great :-)
At EclipseCon we finally can show people what we have been working on the last two months and what kind magic can be done with Xtext 2.0 in such a short time frame.

In the meantime we (Jan, Sebastian and I) want to help you get into a similar mood :-).  Sebastian already blogged about it and Jan will definitely do so very soon. I decided to record a series of screen cast.
The screen casts are not edited at all, because I thought it would be more authentic and trustworthy that way.

The first screen cast covers the basic concepts. I hope you like it:

[1] The Xbase development is sponsored by itemis and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.