Monday, April 04, 2011

Nordic Coding with OSGi, Xtext and Git (April 15th)

In two weeks on April 15th we are having the next Nordic Coding event in Kiel (link is german). There will be three talks each 40 mins.

  • First Martin Lippert explains the core principals behind OSGi before he shares some entertaining real-life experiences he had with OSGi. 
  • Next Jan Köhnlein tells us about and demos Xtext 2.0. Sorry for the self advertisement but we did some very exciting stuff during the last months and just *have* to show it. :-)
  • The last talk is given by Ralf Ebert, who taught me to use and love Git. Git is absolute fantastic and Ralf is a very good teacher. 
The event is again for free (incl. soft drinks and food), but you have to register in advance: To do so just send an e-mail to