Thursday, February 23, 2012

EclipseCon 2012 and Xtext

In case you didn't recognize this year's EclipseCon has a whole track on DSLs, covering a lot of interesting sessions around Xtext. There are many technical sessions, success stories, and even a full tutorial.

Here are the technical talks given by the core committers of Xtext and EMF:

And just in case you need some inspiration, there are a lot of sessions talking about stuff which was built with Xtext:

Finally there are some more general sessions like:

Xtext core committers, that is Jan, Moritz, Sebastian, Ed and me, will be at the conference all days and be happy to discuss all kinds of topics with you. We'll have a booth where you can always find someone to talks to and most likely we'll also have a BOF session at one of the evenings.

So if you are in any case interested in Xtext and/or domain specific languages, EclipseCon 2012 is the conference to go to. It's only in five weeks, so you should register now!

And by the way there are many, many other interesting sessions going on there.

I'm looking forward to a fun community meet-up! :-)