Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Founding An Xtext Startup

First of all, I wish all of you a Happy New Year! In addition I'd like to update you about some decisions I made recently.

Since January 1st I no longer work with itemis. Instead I am founding a startup together with my friends from the Xtext team. The new company will be all about Xtext, and as such 100% dedicated to language engineering and tool development.

We want to make sure to run a healthy and sustainable open-source business. The huge success of Xtext in the past few years has shown that there is a significant market for special tool and language development and that this is even growing. We really enjoy working with so many different customers around the world and it always is a pleasure to see them getting excited about the power of Xtext. Just in case it is not clear, we will for sure invest significantly into the further development of the open-source framework.

We start by offering the classical support packages, trainings, and general consulting. That is everything you need to make sure you get the best possible results with Xtext. In future we might have some ideas for additional services and products as well. The new website will be up in a couple of days and will contain more detailed information. Stay tuned!

If you have questions, just want to chat, or want to work with us - this is my private email:

Edit: We really would like to use something with Xtext in the name (like XtextSource), but this unfortunately conflicts with the guidelines at Eclipse.org. This may come to you as a surprise, as there are companies like EclipseSource, but this is a special case as they were founded before 2005. We will come up with another good name soon. :)