Tuesday, September 18, 2007

openArchitectureWare 4.2 released

The openArchitectureWare team is proud to present the long awaited 4.2 release of the well-known MDSD toolkit. The new version comes with several major improvements (see below) and is now also fully compatible with the Eclipse 3.3 Europa release and the corresponding EMF 2.3, UML 2.1 and GMF 2.0!

Major new features include a Debugger for Xpand and Xtend fully integrated Eclipse's debugging facility. You will love this when writing complex templates or transformations. In addition, openArchitectureWare 4.2 supports Product Line Engineering (PLE) on generator level by integrating with popular variant management tools and the new components XWeave and XVar. The 4.2 release features a revamped Xtext with many more options for customizing the generated textual editors. The team has also worked hard on fixing many annoying quirks, bugs and performance issues.
See the New And Noteworthy for details.

The documentation has been improved significantly. There are about 3hrs of videos available demonstrating the use of simple to complex features of the openArchitectureWare platform. The documentation source was changed so we can now provide it in several forms: Eclipse's online help, PDF or plain HTML.

Download openArchitectureWare 4.2 now and enjoy it. There is no better way to do professional model-driven software development.