Thursday, November 15, 2007

Joining itemis

From the beginning of next year, I'll be working for itemis AG (, a software consultancy which focuses on model-driven software development (MDSD).

Why's that? There are several reasons.

First of all itemis is an excellent employer. Not only have I always had a very good relationship to the management, but they value their employees very highly and they have a very flat hierarchy, which creates a great working atmosphere. As a result they have a lot of talented young software architects which I'm also looking forward to working with.
However the best thing about itemis is that they are very much involved in MDSD and they understand how open-source software development works.

In addition I've come to the conclusion that it is time for me to work within a team in order to provide greater reliability to my customers and the users of oAW (or Eclipse Modeling) in general. At itemis, I'll form a professional team which will focus on open-source development at as well as international high-level consultancy in the field of code generators, domain-specific languages and the corresponding tooling.

If you are interested in joining such a team, please contact me.
And of course, if you are interested in being assisted by such a team, please contact me as well. :-)