Monday, November 08, 2010

Nordic Coding

On December 2nd the first nordic coding event is happening in Kiel. It's a mini, mini conference (two to three presentations) around software development on the Java platform. It is planned to have such an event at least twice a year. For the first event we will have two presentations:

1) Karsten Lentzsch ( will talk about UI-Design and why so many smart people regularly fail in writing good user interfaces. Karsten is known to be a great presenter and I am really looking forward to his talk.

2) Sebastian Zarnekow (Xtext/itemis) and me are talking about modern Java programming. We're going to cover how to use the more complex capabilities of the Java language such as reflection, annotations and generics to design readable and convenient Java APIs.

DiWiSH will serve free snacks and drinks and we surely will have a lot of interesting discussions and maybe a beer in the irish pub afterwards. The event is free of charge and I hope to see a lot of Kiel's (and Hamburg's and inbetween's) software developers there.

You have to register in advance. A printable announcement (in German) can be found here.