Friday, December 03, 2010

*Extreme* Nordic Coding

Yesterday the first Nordic Coding mini conference took place in my hometown Kiel. In the beginning I was a bit skeptical whether it was possible to motivate enough people to come to such a code-centric and Java-centric event. Kiel is quite small and I wasn't sure if the local IT industry was big enough. But after we got 100 registrations in advance there was only the snow to spoil the party.

Yesterday we've had the total snow chaos in Kiel and a lot of people couldn't even manage to get to work or school or elsewhere. So I was a bit afraid that nobody was going to come to the first Nordic Coding event. But I was wrong and eventually more than half of the registered people made it to the event.

The first presentation was held by Karsten Lentzsch of JGoodies fame. He lives in Kiel and shared some very enlightening and entertaining stories about his experience with customers and how they tackle UI-programming. He is no doubt an absolute expert in that field and also a great presenter.

After that Sebastian Zarnekow and I talked about how we push Java to its limits in order to make code more readable and expressive. It was fun giving the talk as both Sebastian and I really love programming and could put a lot of passion into that topic.

Afterwards we had some interesting conversations and delicious finger food. Thanks to DiWiSH for sponsoring and organizing the event with us.

The feedback was great and I'm looking forward to the next event which will be in about four months. I asked everybody to submit proposals for presentations and already got three interesting responses. It's my desire to have one presenter from Kiel minimum at each event.

See you next time!