Thursday, January 29, 2015

Auto-GWT - Boilerplate Free GWT Programming

Maybe not especially new for everybody, but: GWT is NOT dead!

I've been at the GWT.create conference yesterday, a two-day conference on GWT only that took place in San Jose last week and this week in Munich. With over 400 attendees it was sold out. If that is not enough evidence of the liveliness of the project, you may have missed that Google runs huge projects on GWT. The latest one is Google Inbox. Add all the nice improvements (like increased compile speed) the latest releases have to offer and you will conclude that GWT is the best way to write browser apps in Java or any JVM language. The generated JavaScript code is highly optimized and runs even much faster than typical hand-written JavaScript code.

I had the pleasure to present the new Auto-GWT library we have built for GWT together with my colleague Anton. Thanks to all the attendees for the great questions and the overwhelmingly positive feedback. As a kind of wrap up after the conference I have uploaded the slides, the demo and the Auto-GWT project.

You can find all necessary information on the project's website :
Forks and pull requests are very welcome!

Auto-GWT in action:

Slides from GWT.create: