Friday, January 23, 2015

XtextDay and EclipseCon San Francisco 2015

In case you've missed it, we are organizing a so called XtextDay co-located with EclipseCon 2015. The program is already online for a couple of weeks:

Sebastian and I will start the day talking about the newest developments (e.g. Intellij IDEA support, web editor support, incremental standalone builders, etc.). After that we will hear how Xtext languages are used to design REST APIs. In the afternoon we have in-depth sessions on Xbase, performance and scoping, and after the coffee break we will learn how a silicon valley company use Xtext to build a commercial product for designing systems on a chip (IoT). The full program details can be found here. But that's not all..

Additional Xtext content at EclipseCon

Although it's possible to register only for the XtextDay, I recommend to book the whole EclipseCon conference as it is not only an awesome community event where you will find many new friends, but in addition to the XtextDay, there is some Xtext-related content there as well. It starts with a beginner's tutorial on Monday, which is a good preparation for the technically deeper talks following. In addition to the XtextDay and the tutorial we have:

So quite some content in addition to XtextDay. If you consider using Xtext for something or you are already using it, then you should definitely come and join the sessions, discussions and party! :-)