Thursday, February 13, 2014

Announcing XtextCON 2014

I'm super stoked to announce the first edition of XtextCON, an annual conference on Eclipse Xtext.

With close to 6000 newsgroup items per year the Xtext community is one of the largest and most active at Although conferences such as EclipseCON feature many talks on Xtext, they usually cannot go into much detail as those conferences are targeting many different technologies. XtextCON should be an event where we can dive deeper. It is a community event and is meant to help users solving technical problems, get feedback on design ideas and learn about advanced topics.
XextCON is targeting beginners as well as advanced users. Beginners get the opportunity to attend a one-day workshop before the conference. So they get up to speed for the deeper talks at the main conference while those who are experienced with Xtext but feel like there knowledge is a bit outdated will get a quicker heads-up in the morning of day one.
The program covers many different aspects such as scoping, linking, how the index works, how to build type system, and many more. Also we have talks on graphical editing or generally how to improve the performance of your languages, code generators and IDEs. Btw: Thanks to the many attendees of the survey, it helped a lot to put the program together.

Xtext Clinic

In addition to the two main tracks, we will run a special Xtext-clinic on both days, where attendees get the opportunity to discuss their individual Xtext-related issues with committers and experts.

The Location

The event takes place in Kiel at the ATLANTIC hotel, which sits directly at the beautiful harbour of Kiel face to face with our office. Kiel is a small city in northern Germany at the baltic sea and May is the best time to visit it. The area around it is one of the most beautiful places at this time.
It could be a good idea to bring your family and spend the weekend here as well.
So, check out more details on the website and make sure to make a reservation early. Tickets are limited! Looking forward to see you there!